Found in a grottos and around rock formations in the sand sea, an Angeler is a large beast. Males can reach about 5 meters long and 2 meters tall, where as reports on females, on the other hand, tell of Angeler fish reaching terrifying sizes. A whopping 9 meters long for 4 meters tall.

This is however an exception and not the norm, as we know, originating from a Skipper that has consumed a large amount of energy or has eaten a particularity powerful core. Affecting outcome of the mutation. An Angeler and it’s size is one of the many mutations due to this phenomena.

It’s ability can differ greatly therefore we shall only cover the basics of what an Angeler is and it’s usual habits.


The former Skipper can now consume any energy source it can lay it’s very large teeth on. Hidden it the sand, they wait patiently for a potential prey, luring smaller beasts by dangling it’s fake core overflowing with magical energy.

Suddenly, the beast will snap at it’s prey, piecing armour and trapping the victim within it’s mighty jaws. Gliders, Leechers, Skippers and over-curious sailors are an Angeler’s main diet. The lure, although useful, is extremely fragile and if it takes enough damage, it will explode violently due to the excess energy stored. Blinding and hurting everything, including itself, in a small area around the fake core.





The Angeler seems to have kept and enhanced it’s sand blast attack from when it was a Skipper. Very aggressive when exposed or injured, the beast can spew out high pressure sand over a surprising long distance, thus wounding or blinding larger threats.


This fish is know the be able it hunt on land, this is rare but the beast can use it’s brute force to move at a decent speed for a fish out of the sand. As ambush predators Angelers can and use their speed enhancing abilities in or on sand and on land.


Best-known to never flee a fight, unless it’s a Gliderodon (One does not simply fight a Gliderodon). The beast chomps and skids, and will fight until it or the prey falls. This and the rare creation phenomena are the reasons why there are so scarce and unknown to most of dysnomia’s population. Thus only increasing the lethality of the beast due to inadequate knowledge and experience.

Its core potential is limitless, but one can expect Hull resistance and Mining bonuses and energy related maluses with a Ship Souling. Including a Ship or armour passive, Beacon: Creatures will prioritise you, but when your sheild is depleated, it explodes.