An extract from the tome “Relics of an other age” by Xill The Bright

“Devices grant the wearer or ship with great powers. Like most artefacts the devices are permanent and demand a constant supply of energy to function correctly. Unlike Living armours, devices on the other hand are not sentient, however they may still cause a problem to your energy levels.

To use a device, one must place the artefact near their eye. The device will slowly enter your eye socket with its tendrils and lock it’s self in. Your vision from that eye will be altered but its still good.

To use a device on a ship, you must place it on your ship’s crystal energy diffuser.

Devices sometimes change the physical or mental state of the user.

Two devices can not be equipped on the same ship or person, as their rivalry will kill the user or destroy the ship’s diffuser.


An Artefact device

Here is a list of known Device powers divided into 3 categories: Ship, organic and both. Ship means it only works on ships and some contraptions. Organic means it functions only on living beings.



  • Rock hull: At 90 to 100% hull integrity your ship gains a rock armour, blocking some incoming damage / obstacles

  • Solar hull: Huge energy regeneration when hit by a solar flare.

  • Conductor: Taking energy based damage heals the ship’s shields.

  • Soul link: The Captain can control the ship by thought.

  • Predatory: The ship will natural track and move towards other ships.

  • Apex: The ship will tack and move towards large Creatures.

  • Obliterator: The ship can no longer produce a shield, but increased ship cannon damage and rate of fire.





  • Strength of ages: The living being gains increased strength in many ways.

  • Charismatic: Increased charisma.

  • Willpower: The person can enforce their will/ desires a lot easier on others.

  • Knowledge of ages: The user instantly learns more about the world map and its locations. The user may also learn some thing (skills, knowledge…) the last wearer of the device knew.

  • Future sight: Wearer can see a few seconds into the future.





  • Gravity down: The user does not interact the same way with gravity, this increases jump height and reduces fall speed. The same goes for ships, also increasing their speed but decreasing manoeuvrability. Some say it helps access Sky-world.

  • Resource generator: Transforms excess energy into ore. This device is better suited for ships and has a better yield.

  • Tremor senses: You or your ship grows organic feelers, granting increased sensor range and accuracy for ships and tremor senses for living beings.

  • Projectile mastery: Ship cannons deal a percentage of their damage to hulls when a shield is hit. Organics are naturally better shots.

  • Wanderer: Organics and ships are harder to see and locate ( by tremor senses for example)

  • Energy generation: This one special, increases energy generation capability which means the device is more then self sustainable.

  • Energy capability: Increases maximum energy.

  • Sun-Born: reduces damage taken by Solar energy.

  • Storm-Born: Reduces damage taken by Lightning energy.

  • Conduction: Can strike surrounding area with chain lightning.

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