An elderly Jomadur is waiting in a dusty room, a young man walks in. They greet with a simple head gesture and the younger one sits down.

“Today’s lesson will be about Artefacts” Said the sage with a warm but soft voice.” Sometimes called Relics, they are left-over treasures of the Ancient world. Rare and as powerful as they are strange. Found in Ancient temples, ruins, or buried in the Sea of sands, finding an artefact will surly change your life. If you search riches and lavish life, then selling an artefact may be the best way in achieving your goals. However if your path is more of the adventurous kind, well, the untold powers of an artefact may make you the king of the seas.”


-”Treasures of an ancient world you say? Of Kai origins I'm guessing?” Said a calm voice.


-”Precisely but not limited to the Kai dynasty, Some date back to the time when the Nek’Amaru ruled over the sands. To date, we only know of 3 types of artefacts: Ships, equipment and items we call “devices”. All equally disturbing in nature and use however the price for using such items may by high, to say the least.” The old man mumbled the last part. “From what we know and understand, ships probably have the steepest price, that being, your carnal self. Relic ships require a host as a power source. If you become a host to this ship, you will be that way until your last breath or utter destruction of the ship… which also means you die.”

Relic Icon


-”I’ve never heard of such a thing!” Said the young man, surprised. He took a few seconds to ponder on the subject and asked: “But what happens to your body and how is a simple ship worth it?” says the scholar.


-”Well my boy…” smokes from his aged pipe “What would you give for freedom? I had the honour to sail on an artefact ship once when I was younger.” He smiled as he remembered his days adventuring. “With this sort of ship” he added, “You are no longer bond to a mortal life, seas without end await you. You become the ship. You feel the sand sliding, flowing around you as you pick your destination and, with out opposition, you start sailing towards it. You feel her powerful cannons and know you can rotate and activate them with a simple thought, as you would move your own arm. You sense the nearby life forms, rocks and ships around you like and extension of your very senses. A ravenous hunger, a calling for energy, more precisely, cores as many artefacts do. During battle, you feel the damage the ship takes, it’s scars, punctures and tears you feel it all, as if it was your own flesh and blood”


-”Truly incredible, how did the opportunity to sail on one of those ships come to pass?


-”That is not the topic for today, and it’s a story best kept for a stormy day.” The sage said with a proud tone in his voice.


-”Yes, I see.” Said the young man however a bit disappointed. Then spontaneously he added: “Anyway! I've heard tales of armour coming to life and making it's own decisions.”


-“Oh yes my boy” the elder said with a worrying smile... “Ancient relic armour, a thick sturdy protection but at the same time a dangerous weapon for everyone even the wearer.”

He sat down his old and dusty armchair. His eyes flickered, jumping paragraphs and turning pages in his grimoire until he found the information he wanted to share. “Yes, artefact weaponry is strange indeed. Many think of swords and crystal cannons as weapons and believe that the ancients thought alike. Unfortunately you may walk right past an ancient weapon thinking it is just some rusty piece of armour. Maybe for the best.” he said with a smirk. The old man kept reading: “Most artefact weapons are more like living armour then an actual weapon. This type of equipment does not need to be souled as they are powered by consuming cores just like a living being. The user must be weary because the weapon does not distinguish friend or foe, and will even consume the host as a last resort.”


-” What kind of powers do they hold Lucien?


-”Oh I'm not going to read them all out to you, All us scribes spend our lives understanding the world around us so the next generations can learn.”

He hands over the book called “Relics of an other age”. “End of the lesson for today, study this book in your dorm now.” Said Lucien, smoking his pipe and reliving his adventures in his own mind.


Destroyer class, Artefact ship

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