Living Armours

An extract from the tome “Relics of an other age” by Xill The Bright

“Living Armours are Kai relics needing a constant upkeep in magical energy and / or cores to be active. Otherwise, they will go into what I have called a “dormant state”, a sort of hibernation to reduce energy consumption. Remarkably, they regenerate them selves over time by using it’s own energy. Because they can not be souled, these Living armours will actively search nourishment, and will not hesitate to consume the host if left unfed. Usually Once a living equipment has found a suable host, it is extremely difficult to remove. Removal is only possible if the relic wants to leave (which is rare) or if the user dies. Some spells can remove an artefact but they are scarce and those whom know the ritual are just as rare.

Here is the list of the Living Armour artefacts:

The Predator Helm

A protective helm that, in exchange of a continuous consumption of the wearers energy, will grant the user with extraordinary senses. These include: remarkable vision over distances, environment awareness: sense incoming hazards and dangerous areas etc… and more importantly the wearer will “see” near by wounded life forms through obstacles. The helm stimulates aggression and boldness in the brain of its wearer, and reward this behaviour when a core of the prey is consumed by the hunter graining him additional healing.

The Ravenous Gauntlets:

This Relic has a mind of its own, actively hunts cores independently and vigorously. It sprouts black tentacles from the sides of the gauntlet, used to grab objects like cores, weapons or other living beings and are also used to attack foes. Cutting a tentacle off is futile as it results in the growth of a new one, at the cost of the hosts energy. The wearer can control them, if the relic accepts. It will defend its wearer well if he or she is a “good investment”. On the other hand, if left unfed the artefact is extremely dangerous, as it will try to consume your friends cores, family’s cores and ultimately, yours.

The Leeching Tassels:

An other “sentient” Armour piece. As a snake the tail will creep up to it’s prey. Suddenly, with a brutally fast and precise strike, it will fatally pierce the victim’s core and absorb the dying target’s energy. Transferring it to itself then to the wearer. This weapon too, will defend a favourable wearer as it’s tip can rival that of an energy glaive. In addition this living equipment will listen to reason. Again, if this weapon is left to stave, it will assassinate nearby creatures for energy and ultimately plot against it’s host.

The rendering Claw:

A powerful weapon of war, the claw brings the gift of extreme speed. Leeching energy of it’s victims with every strike, feeding the monsters: weapon and man. So many strikes, no need to be precise, entire crews are butchered. The rush of massacre drives the wearer more and more irrational and bloodlust with every use. This makes the host addicted, there is nothing physical prohibiting the removal of this relic. This war is in the mind.

When lead to starvation, the weapon whispers words of self mutilation to the host, pushing the wearer to various ascending levels of self mutilation leading to dismemberment and finally decapitation.

The Devouring Body Plates:

A heavy but sturdy body armour which will rapidly regenerate its integrity over time by using it’s own energy. This relic will slowly take your body shape becoming a part of you, reaching into your nervous system, and acting like an extremely hard second skin. You can enter the armour through the jaws that runs down the middle of the relic and come out only by death. From that same jaw the artefact will devour cores to fuel it’s self.

This Relic also gives user the ability to score through the skies at the cost of its energy. The wings also my great weapons.

Will drain your energy over time if the armour is hungry, doubling the drain if the armour needs to repair itself or if flying as well. Quadrupling if doing both, leading to the host’s fast demise.

The Blending Greaves:

Grants solid foot protection moreover, this relic permits the user to bypass physical obstacles by rendering the user intangible for a short duration. This can be used to run through walls, ships rocks or dodging attacks. The wearer feels as light as a feather, even if the greaves are in fact extremely heavy and a kick may severely wound a target. This artefact will passively drain your energy after use at a slow rate but at a long period of time and really does not care is the host dies. Can be “shadow walk” multiple times in a row, the energy debt will however just grow larger and become quickly a life time worth of energy debt.”

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