Body Breakers

A 1 meter long bear trap in the sea…


Body Breakers wait patiently in the sand sea, ready to snap out of the sea with a fatal or crippling strike, well that is their plan anyway.

Just like a bear trap, the « bite » of this plant crushes flesh and bone alike. This is just an other reason why travelling by foot is suicide. They usually prey on small animals like Skippers thanks to vibration detector organ resembling a tongue.
Capable of digesting nearly anything and drawing magical energy from it.

If one snaps on your leg, and by miracle, it is still attached to you . You must remove the plant within several minutes, before it is ready to snap again. Forfeit your limb if you must or you will lose more than one.


Some hunters know how to harvest the plant’s tongue like appendage

The core of this plant usually handicaps a ship but can but souled to armour for extra loot chances and jumping distance. Soul weapons for extra power on surprise attacks.