The c'kham-lohk

The C’kham-lohk clan is a tribe from a lost island. An island unknown to the likes of Jomadur, the self appointed kings of the sand seas. An island said to be located in the sands of Hailio’s Pass barren lands even for Dysnomia, where a permanent sand storm reins supreme. The inhabitants worship their god "C’KHAM, the blender of souls” and have a unique link with their mates.


Only Women are born into the C’kham-Lock clan, a youngling is extremely weak magic wise, even compared to Jomadurs due to a fragile core. The woman stays this way until she passes a Ritual when she comes of age. The details of the ritual are unknown to most outsiders and may last over a week. We do know however that upon completion, the woman gains 2 additional minor orbs called “C’kham cores” visible, down her spine. Giving her a little extra magical talent while giving off a beautiful white hue.
She must now set off to find a companion. Her friends and family have helped prepare her for this moment. Embarking onto her boat she build with her mother. Nothing spectacular, in no way a destroyer class, more of a rowing boat but it gets the job done.
Since the lady may pass months alone, maybe even get stranded, it has been speculated that the new orbs in her back store energy or can reload it some how.

Her goal is to find her soulmate and when that day comes, she will bond them together eternally. Usually done during ritualistic intercourse, the C’kham woman transfers an orb into her partner's body. Activating the true function of the C’kham cores, This simple enough act is actually extremely powerful, blending mind, soul and body thus this link will heavily change the physical appearance of the two, granting them increased longevity, natural resistances, physical and magical prowess, telepathic link with the other half and more.

These beings are called C’kham-Lohk twins. The more spectacular ability of the twins is the possibility the fuse their bodies and minds together into one powerful being: A C’kham-Lohk Goliath. The abilities of a goliath are an enhanced version of the fused beings skills. They usually get acess to a minimum adept level of sand magic. The body of this creature is mostly intangible. Due to all this, a Goliath may take down a Battle Ship with relative ease.



C'kham Lohk Goliath

Once bonded, the first few months are energetic demanding to the couple, this is due to the transformations they go through. This means that the twins will need to feed a lot, or find some alternative energy supply. This natural need of the C’kham-Lohk twins to feed on who or what ever they may find, makes the tribe very feared and sometimes even viewed as mass murderers. This makes the clan infamous, thus making the inhabitants of Dysnomia hunt C’kham Tribe members down. Add to the fact that Their cores are very interesting, we come to understand why This tribe is unsocial in a certain way.

Due to this, some C’kham-Lohk twins finally deicide to go back to their native island with their partner. Others drift together for an eternity. The tribe is always welcoming to their own however the very intimate relations these being have with their mate will always limit the social interactions with the tribe.

This intimate relation is is clearly shown in the aftermath of a battle, as losing one of the twins will lead to dire repercussions on the remaining one, as a great depression will settle deep into the remaining linked soul. This can, and usually does, go further as uncontrollable anger, sadness and hate overcomes them. In addition this may lead to reckless actions and even suicide.


Souled equipment with C’kham-Lohk twin cores will grant exceptional effects. The outcome is viable as the couples, and so usually very unique.
The best of C’kham cores is the Goliath core, slaying one is a trial in itself. However your rewards are 2 fused twin cores into one extremely powerful and stable core, with potent sand magic, intangibility and what ever the twins mastered.

In a dangerous act of Souling the 2 separate cores in 1 equipment will mimic the effects of a goliath core to a weaker extent and with less effects than a true goliath core.
The cores can be used separately, the cores will always have a high energy storage with low generation but may have many skills depending on the individuals talent when alive.
C’kham cores are desired for their ability to make a telepathic and telekinetic link with a piece of equipment or object and the user. You can do this by Souling said equipment you want to control with 1 of the cores and by making a charm out of the other (or using an artefact device).