Cotton plant

Cotton plants can be anywhere found on the sand sea, however Dysnomians have domesticated the plant and created large farms. The plant is as tall as a Jomadur.


The most noticeable characteristic of the plant is that nearly every part can be used of something.

It’s cotton pearls, inside of the leafs, are protected by a hard carapace. Inside lies the cotton, useful for all manner of things like clothes and textiles. The hardened carapace on the other hand is used for projectiles encasing for example.

It’s strong yet flexible stork is used in ships and housing of insulation amongst other things.

The hard leafs resembling blades can be used for weapons, ships, armours and traps mainly due to the fact they are part of the few living materials that do not sandify on (plant) death. Useful for a makeshift weapon when lacking a blacksmith.

Finlay its center core, then Souled gives bonuses to comfort and resistances. The beautiful cores are considered a luxury decoration item.