Crystal Bows

An Expensive weapon for experienced sharpshooters. The structure of the weapon is usually made out of Glideren at best, or some other light weight material. It is forged with multiple crystals in it's arms and center piece granting it’s magical abilities.


This bow has two forms :

The first being it’s traditional bow form.

In this form the user can fire deadly arrows at long distances and very silently. Arrows can be made out of many different materials, usually iron. A good physical condition is needed to draw this weapon. The Crystal forged into the center of the bow can loads the projectile with it’s energy and effects depending on the Crystal.
Once forged, the crystal can not be removed.


The second being the glider form.

Used for short range movement and optimal positioning. Switching forms is done by a command by its wielder. It my be vocal or a physical action. Flight is achieved by locking the weapon onto your back, riding it like a board or by holding on very tight. Mastering this form will lead to creative angles and positioning capable of surprising your targets while keeping you in movement.

All about them gems

Lapunite is commonly forged into the arms of the bow. The arm crystals create the enhanced slinging power, magical energy infusion speed and the ability to glide and soar through the air. Other crystal spheres can be used and this changes drastically now the weapon acts.


Every crystal will give different effects. This creates a versatile and customisable weapon however with a high material and magical upkeep due to the arrow and energy uses.

A crystal Bow example:

A Lehtoxis center crystal will potentially infuse the arrows with lighting magic (this is the effect of this gem)

DarkStone spheres on the arms will permit longer gliding sessions but will limit the rate the user can fire empowered arrows.

This is because DarkStone’s has high energy storage but poor energy conductivity

Energy storage is good for gliding long distances and energy conductivity is used to infuse the arrows.