The Cutlass is an emblematic Pirate tool and weapon. All sailors have one. It’s cheap and effective and are great magical catalysers, similar to Pistols, for casting spells.

A Cutlass is a short blade usually made from iron or steel. It is ideal for close quarter battles on decks and in ships. Reliable, the weapon is also an everyday tool, and is used for instance to cut invading harpoons, preserve oneself from wild-life, it can help climb up ropes or help sail the ship.


A Souled Cutlass with sand blade

Souled Cutlass :

Considered a sailors best friend, a Souled cutlass has a blade of steel and sand. The edge it’s self is not as sharp, however the blade can be created and revoked from the hilt on command by key words.
The blade being of sand, can only be reformed if sand is very close to the user.

This « Sand-blade » being a bit more fragile compared to the non souled version but can be reforged on command , this completely negates the downside and with added benefit of being sharpened and ready to use. Going from a dull blade to razor sharp in an instant. Due to this to blade has no upkeep, only spell energy cost.


The speed at which the user recreates a blade, and it’s sharpness depends on the user’s magical abilities and practise.

  • Cutlass, like Pistols, are used as a kind of wand, facilitating the use of magic.

  • Captains can enchant the sword to slightly control the ship. Like acceleration and rudder control.