Gems and ores


The world littered crystals and ores, reminiscent of the Kai dynasty. Dysnomians learned to use the different properties of the ores and crystals. Some crystals are incredibly dangerous wile others are used to found empires. Here is a list of some of the incredible gems and ores you may find on the planet:


Description: Rare red crystal with a strange natural pattern. This crystal absorbs all energy in the vicinity at alarming speeds. Legends tell stories of dragons feeding on the collected energy.

Warning: Extremely Dangerous

Usage: There are no known uses of dragonite as it is way too dangerous to be around.
Location: Dragon Spires and dragon lairs / territory


Description: A purple spherical crystal with great energy conductivity and storage capabilities.

Usage: Ship energy buffers and any weapon with energy needs. Some native beasts use this crystal for the same reasons.
Location: Geodes under the Sand Sea making it a pretty rare find

Light Bells:

Description: A light blue crystal with the ability to make light, shining out in the bell direction. The crystal may be big or small but will always have this shape.

Usage: Lighting and decoration, the gem does generate a very small amount of solar energy so may be use as a small buff on armours or a ship.

Location: In island caves, the gem is pretty common.


Description: A Solid rock similar to iron in hardness however the stone reacts strangely with the sands of this world. The rock shall start to pulsate on regular intervals, creating sand waves even, depending on the amount of rock in the sand, Tsunamis. Sadly meteorites fall frequently on the planet.

Usage: Difficult to forge with, but can make interesting ship hulls and solid weaponry. It is however mostly used as a good luck charm.

Location: on the surface of the planet and the Sand Sea. In creators and sometimes below the surface.

Grecken :

Description: Black crystal with strange marking on it, if energized the center will glow red then explode violently a flew seconds after.
Usage: Military, crushed into power (like gun powder). Stored in kegs and used in some weapons. Also used to make Dark blade tips. (if planted in a living being, the grecken tip will react with the energy in the victims body and explode, this is usually fatal)

Location: Found in the Hollow, Deep under the sea and in volcanic regions.


Description: A see through, extremely hard crystal used for many things. Has a high thermal conductivity. Poor energy conductivity

Usage: Weapons, Ship parts, decoration, tools, currency.
Location: Most places in the Dysnomia’s caves

Moon Stone:

Description: A piece of the moon itself. Medium hardness but has the magical ability that solar and thunder energy in most of it’s forms just bounce of the rock and absorbing nearly none in the process. Making it nearly invulnerable to magical attacks.

Usage: Buildings, ships, high end shield generators.

Location: On the surface of the planet (rare)


Description: The cursed green crystal emits a corruption called decay. If left untreated, it is capable of slowly destroying a living being’s energy up to a very small threshold. This maintains the being alive but unable so use energy in any way. Although the crystal will never kill, unlike the Dragonite, it remains extremely dangerous as 30 seconds of contact is all it takes to be inflicted with the blight. On top of that, the blight may be passed from individual to individual as a virus.

Usage: warfare in general: walls, dead zones, weapons (for the craziest of people)

Location: Originally from the Hollow, it has corrupted the surface in area called the “Last lands”.


Description: A naturally sharp gem stone that has powerful lightning type energy generation. Color Ranges from light blues to turquoise. Commonly seen allover Dysnomia. Energy creation is deeply related to size on an exponential scale. Meaning the small gems generate nearly no energy but the biggest one output a lot. It’s important to note that it is the space that permits the great energy output this gem has, and if damaged, the yield will be greatly affected. This makes for a hard stone to cut and to down scale.

Usage: due to the particular energy creation only spires are used, recharging ships, life forms and cities.
Location: Sand Sea and some caves.


Description: Also called Sun Stones by the sailors, is a vibrant orange to yellow crystal with extreme solar energy generation.
Usage: Energy Generation in general. SunSpires Create zones of eternal sun. Said to be able to revive a fallen Shipmate. Consumption may change the person in to a Solar Astral.

Location: On solar Spires. In rich men’s safes? Unknown.


Description: Also called Night Bane, it is a stone as black as dark stone (obsidian) with a purple hue. Unable to create or store energy, this gem can only transform energy in it near vicinity, Absorbing all light, creating dark zones.

Usage: Unknown but consumption of the gem will lead to a transformation or sure death.

Location: NyctaSpires, unknown

Uki Diamond:

Description: Uki Stands for cold in common tongue, quite hard but extremely cold, capable of hurting a living creature on contact.

Usage: Can be used as in energy source but mostly used by the Cyromancer as a weapon.

Location: Originally only found in one place. The ruined City. That is until the Cyromancer awoke. Now more and more land and sea is transforming into an inhospitable Frozen baron land.


Description: Nectar is the name given to any Crystal in liquid form. Preceded with the name of the crystal. For example, “Grecken Nectar”. The liquid usually gets all the proprieties of said crystal. Nectar is made in multiple ways and permits fusions with different nectars and thus creation of hybrid crystals. This may be done artificially or by nature. Nactar and Hybrid crystals naturally form in extreme heat but once a crystal is Liquefied it will stay that way (with or without heat) for a very long time before crystal reconstruction.

Usage: Nectar, having the same proprieties as it’s crystal form can do the same things for better or for worse. Gaining new possibilities. And hybrid crystals may have infinite uses. However the Hybridization methods are kept top secret by elites and some races.

Location: Hollow word, volcanic areas, The Crystal Mountains


Description: Great solid metal with lots of uses but has poor conductivity. Iron sells well because it makes for good budget ships. Steel forging is still a rare sight. (probably a tribe knows the secret)

Usage: Ships, ship parts, weapons, armour

Location: Iron ore is very common and can be fond nearly any where on the planet (caves / surface)


Description: It has medium conductivity witch will always make it be outclassed by the other materials. However this ore is easier to find and so is used in bulk for ship for example. Being harder than gold, it makes of a better “pure” weapon. High heat transference. Resistant to Decadence

Usages: Conduction in shield generators and ships, weapons, low level alchemy, ship hulls

Location: Surface, caves, looting on other ships.

Dysnomian Gold:

Description: Dysnomian Gold is pure and beautiful, nearly mesmerizing and the upper classes love it. So do the Captains and mages, for many reasons as not only beautiful, it is a good conductor and easier to find and use than nactars or Lapunite. It is however a soft metal.

Usages: luxury items, energy contentions in ships and equipment, alchemy.

Location: Surface and caves on golems and in the Skyword

Dark Stone (Obsidian):

Description: A dark and medium hard volcanic mineral however workable. Hard to influse energy in due to it’s poor conductivity but will store whatever energy is transferred for a long time. The Nadyr actually mold lava directly into the tools and armour plats they need. It makes extremely sharp weaponry

Usages: Luxury items, Weapons

Location: volcanic caves, some special rock formations


Description: A pure white colored ore witch has nearly on sand or air friction.

Usages: Ships are made out or coated with this material. Can be alloyed with copper as a “cheaper” alternative

Location: Sand Sea, caves, some islands are completely made out of it.


Description: A green colored ore with red stripes. This ore when shaped into thin sheets and powered by a small amount of energy will turn sand invisible for you at a range depending on energy throughput and sheet thickness.

Usages: Goggles mostly, diving suits…

Location: found on some islands.

Razor Alloy

With the use of magic and forge techniques, the Slavix clan can create “Razor Alloy”. Made from glider bones and their opponents ship metal, this alloy is known to slice opponent’s weapons in half, and get forever sharper as long the weapon keeps killing.