- " Did you hear that ? " said an inexperienced crew mate.
" Is that the sound of a horn ? " he said, thoughtful

- " It is!" yells a sailor, terrified. 
"Abandon ship, run of your lives !"  he cried, preparing himself for the jump

Not much is known about this incredible and deadly creature.

With a 40 meter-long body and 50 meter long tail, this beast is known as the king of the seas. With a simple diet of anything that is smaller then it . Preying on ships and Leecher Matriarchs alike. Gliders on the other hand can usually out speed this beast, and so, they do not fear the king.


To the demise of many captains, this species is not as uncommon as expected and each one controls a vast territory. The Gliderodon is attracted by the energy output of a ship’s energy diffuser, promising it a great feast. It prefers to strike from below, a furtive blow, swallowing smaller ships hole.


The hide and features of this beast are of exceptional quality. Going for high prices on the market and are used by artisans to make top notch equipment and ship parts. As you can guess, hunting the beast is an impressive and dangerous feat involving organised fleets. In addition, Gliderodons seldom have a concept of mercy especially if threatened . Only few survive a failed hunt… and even fewer survive Dysnomia without a ship .





The Slavix clan seems to have a sort of affinity with the beast. With the help of the Slavix ceremonial horn, they can order the beast to fight on their behalf. To most sailors, hearing the horn only bring one thing : huge jaws from below.


It's core is a true gem. Worth a small fortune. Souled on a ship, you ship may manifest a Gliderodon’s great jaws, crippling and damaging anything in front of your ship. Increasing ship speed and hull resistances. Topping all of that is the possibility to be completely ignored by other Gliderodons and Gliders