Gliders are the sharks of Dysnomia. They get their name from the way they can swim just above sand level at high speeds appearing to glide on the sand.

They can grow up to 3 meters long and have two crystals growing out of them. One has the same function as a dorsal fin, the other is at the end of its tail.


The sand shark has a high place in the food chain. It preys on anything it can lock it’s teeth on : Leechers to Sailors… Solitary by nature, hunting around bays and rock formations for Skippers or leechlings. They tend to hunt in schools of round ten when starved for too long or when found at open sea.


Due to their extreme speeds, ships and large beasts of Dysnomia do get struck. Generally creating hull breaches and only stunning briefly the shark. This « missile » strategy is use for hunting Whales and careless crews at open sea


To finish on there hunting stratagems, it is not unfamiliar that Gliders jump and board ships for a quick bite out of a crew member.


We do not completely understand the use of the crystals on the shark. We do speculate that it is source of its incredible speed. And that it must be some sort of Organic Lapunite crystal used to hold a lot of magical energy. Maybe it helps the beast survive incredible impacts and normally lethal blows.





 A Souled Glider core normally give speed bonuses to both ships and wearers. Ships can get Sandpedoes bonuses and general damage boosts. Souling a weapon can give the use extreme bursts of speed in addition to a shaper blade.