A Jamp'atu is a 2 meter toad like beast. The monster is not agile and hops around with great effort leading it to a small territorial life style. It lives only on large islands. It can (although limited) swim.

As the Glaive’s most important natural predator, it disposes a long tongue that the creature will fling out at high speed, capable of piecing light armour and catching Glaives in flight.

The harsh environment shaped the species to grow reinforced stomach plating, this also helps out during direct confrontation.

The great horn this creature boasts is mostly an intimidation tool however it is used as an impaling weapon and it is a crustal part of mating. Power and the ability to defend oneself is a great deal here on Dysnomia, therefore female Jamp'atu will try to find males with the biggest horns. (insuring nest defence and better genes).


A Jamp'atu’s secret weapon is it’s Crystal gas. This gas damages the energy it comes in contact with therefore making it unusable. This leads to paralysis of the victim and may even damage it’s health.

The gas lies in the creature’s warts on it’s back. The warts create this gas over a long duration and will expulse it on the toads command. The beast will avoid this at all coast however as the fabrication of said gas is long and very energy-vore and so potentiality dangerous to use and only under extreme cases will it be released. Again, the wards naturally create this and the toad has no control over it, the ward does not even stop if it is full, it will continue to function at at a lower rate. The excess gas slips out slowly making a dangerous cloud around the beast hostile to all but its species and giving the creature a weird mysterious look.

Mating points are usually an oasis but on some occasions can be the Sand Sea. The female gives live birth to hundreds of small tadpole like creatures that she would have raised inside of her. Left the fend for themselves, feeding on plankton, they must evolve and survive until there adult form. Where they will gain access to all said above.





Souling this core on your ship will greatly reduce frontal damage taken, increase collision damage and raise hull resistances at the cost of speed and manoeuvrability. Ship canons and personal weapons will weaken targets dealing damage physically and to their energy and grant Harpoon bonuses at the cost of rate of fire and speed.
The best of all is Souling it on your armour. This grant you the hard skin bonus, reducing all damage you take. A gas-zone, dealing continuous damage to all in proximity at the cost of speed.