Jomadurs are humain like living beings on the planet. They are extremely numerous on Dysnomia.

A humanoid Slave race for a long time during the Kai dynasty. Energetically underdeveloped, their basic cores are at birth limited to 2 core spells. Like most beings, Jomadurs can not energetically self sustain themselves.

After The down fall of the Kai, most took to the seas. Some built settlements where trade flourishes and the wealthy Indulge. Versatile, they are capable of many feats for instance, their nomadic life style lead them to becoming great navigators and their curiosity lead to rediscovering of many ancient technologies.



Jomadurs posses a Tier 2 core, permitting mastery of 2 core spells.

Like many intelligent beings, their cores are more complex than Dysnomia’s wildlife. The effects a core brings when souled change dramatical depending and the “Runes” used, the “cored” spells the being mastered and the what the person was. For example a weapon artisan’s core may boost the weapon forging skills then souled.