Growing up to 1,5 meter in length including it’s tail, This creature swims slowly in the sands, feeding of Thorn plants.


The Kleonaks is an inoffensive creature that preferes sun bathing and long swims to any actual hunt or threat. As it swims, the crystals on the beast can charge up on solar magic, an inefficient food source but permits the Kleonaks it’s ability to become completely invisible to the naked eye. Some sailors believe that spotting one is a sign of longevity. When threatened a Kleonaks is known to create small waves in the sand to distract predators as it tries to hide.


It’s diet consists of small thorn plant cores. Indeed, with it’s powerful tongue, it can uproot thorn plants from a safe distance. Kleonaks seem to live near their food source or near Solar trees for protection

A Souled Kleonaks core on a ship will increase general resistances at the coast of speed and permit a special « tongue harpoon » ship spell that launches a harpoon will excellent towing power.

Souling your weapon will increase range and precision at the cost of damage and souling a piece of armour will grant you access to the sand wave ability of the beast and maybe even it’s invisibility.