-They got Aboumec, captain. The Leechers dragged him into the depths.

-Damn pests !Prepare the men ! We are under attack.

A discussion during a surprise Leecher attack at dusk.

Leechers are Sailor’s nightmare fuel. They are the evolved form of Leechlings. Up to 2 meters long, the creature may have many roles in the hive. The creature remains parasitic in nature, draining energy from it’s victims by latching on to them, just like it’s pre-evolution. It will play different roles in the hive as a leader and protector for Leechlings as they hunt. It may scout or do energy runs for it’s Matriarchs.


After 3 meals a Leechling will transform into a Leecher. A Leecher is in every way better and more dangerous that previous form.

Being more agile, boarding a ship is an easy task, and with a powerful bite, they are capable of crippling bone. They are cleaver enough to remember and learn from past mistakes and adapt battle tactics on the fly.

They are sturdy and can take a beating. Lastly, to make matters worse, their bite may paralyse a target, making the victim easy prey for it or it’s underlings.

Roles in the hive:

Leechers perform tasks to insure the survival and growth of it’s hive.


  • The ruthless are charged with feeding the queen. Hunting and dragging sailors and smaller creatures back to it’s nest. This is one of the scariest parts about the Leecher and evokes many fears in the cores of sailors.

  • The cleaver are in charge of the upbringing of Leechilings. They must protect them from dangers and help nourish them. They can do this in many ways : By directing them to a potential food source or neutralizing threats ex : Taking out the captain of a ship, creating chaos in the opponent’s ranks or paralysing a beast for the feast.

  • The biggest must protect the Matriarch and others are banded together as a small strike force.

Interspecies war:

Hives are not necessary allies and interspecies war happens often. With the rise of viscous battlefields Lasting years where Leechers and Leechling fight and feed of each-other, this only ends when one of the hive’s Matriarch has fallen. During this time, approach is not advised anything near a Leech war zone is a food source.


Note: Sometimes multiple queens are born into the hive to insure the war machine. And one will expulse or kill the other after a war.


Sailors dare not touch a Leecher Core as rumours tell stories of Sailors becoming possessed by a Leecher after handling it’s core. Acting strangely and sabotaging ships, leading the crew to certain doom. Yes, they have raison to fear.


A Leecher core is unique, ships can get better shields, increase speed and even resistances to vamp-glaive cannons. A ship’s cannon a told to be in powered with shield vampirism and shield bypass. A Souled weapon may paralyse targets and even permit you command over Leechlings.