leecher matriarch

Also known as the Leecher Queen, This creature is the heart of the hive. About 7 meters wide for 10 meters tall, she is protected by a rocky carapace and uses her four tentacles to see around her and defend her self.


Usually found in the grottos however there are reported sighting of this creature at open sea. Some reports even tell of the beast latching on to battleships !The Matriarch moves very little, generaly swaying in the sea but can dash over surprising large distances as a last ditch effort, sacrificing her arms and a great deal of magical energy. Her arms will eventually regenerate, this does leave the Queen defenceless for the duration of the regrowth .


Not a great deal is known about her abilities, what we do know is that she attacks by stabbing with her arms. A direct hit is fatal to a mere Jomadur as her armour piecing beaks will paralyze you and drain your energy. In addition, and more importantly is the aura this beast generates around herself. Any explorer who has been close enough to her will feel the energy draining aura, weakening you as she grows stronger. Only Leech kind seems to be unaffected by the Matriach’s deathly presence.


The Queen seems to be connected to all Leechers in her hive. Being just as clever as the later, she is aware about which  Leechers are her best assets and learns from her opponents. In optimal conditions, when the Leecher hunts are fruitful, The Matriarch will lay up to a hundred eggs per day.





A Souled Matriarch core will provide so many powerful and gruesome benefits, the most remarkable of them will be listed here: The ship would gain her Vampiric aura, and a huge shield increase, also the ships harpoon cannons will drain energy from the targets. Souling the core to your armour will help you resist powerful blows and let you summon Leechlings and Leechers to assist you. Soul your weapon will her core and paralyse your opponents upon hitting them, and on kill, summon a Leechling from their remains.