« Jenny... they devoured everyone. I… I lost everything that day, my Jenny she… she was so cold… »

Whispered Abrak, the last survivor of Carmalide, in tears to a Helimani guard.

Leechers are small parasitic creatures about 30cm in diameter plus a 20 cm tail. They have 6 appendages used mostly for latching on to surfaces and lifeforms. They can be found anywhere on Dysnomia (islands, seas, caves, towns, runes...)

Known as the  « plage of the seas » Leeching love to jump on unsuspecting lifeforms to drain the most core energy possible from the host. Their Matriarchs lay hundreds of Leechling eggs every day. Making them a real problem for all of Dysnomia.



Their ability to jump allows them to board ships and latch on to an unaware sailor, disabling him/her in the process. Rarely a solitary creature, the hole ship’s crew may be disabled and left in an awfully venerable state . When satiated the Leeching will return to the sea the digest for around a week.

After three meals the Leechling will spontaneously evolve into a formidable Leecher, the transformation outlets vast amounts of energy leaving the new creature very hungry and very aggressive.

On death, or when threatened, Leechlings leave behind a very distinct bitter smell.


Countless ports where lost to the plague. Carmalide, Chuc’lak just to name a few. And regular hunts are organised to hold the menace at bay. On the other hand, this creates lots of job opportunities and hunting contracts for mercenaries.

When Souled, a Leechling core can Enchant a weapon with some small form of vampirism. Grant a piece of armour with light energy drain protection or increase the wearer’s jumping ability. On a ship, it may bock the entry of a leechlings and for a ship cannon, it’s projectiles may bypass other ship’s shields.