And it came, from the dark clouds above, the majestic and deadly Lehtophoenix (…) Now it has found it’s prey, the Elderson, dwarfed by the size of the crackling creature. Thunder was brewing in the skies as the vessel steered to the left swallowed by the sound of all of it’s cannons.

Lehtophoenix spotters part 1

The powerful Lehtophoenix is a huge flying creature, with wings of lightning. Said to live at the pic of Dil’un mountain. The carcass of a great dreadnought by the name of « Elderson » is found lying up there, where the Lehtophoenix has made it’s nest. It has the unique ability to Create and control Lightning and consume metal and ores to restore it’s magical energy.


The Lehtophoenix is Known to live at top of the mount Dil’un. This mountain is actually part of a small mountain ranged due south-west of Helimani. With a diet of Large monster cores, Ores and Metals, including ships. Using it’s powerful claws to break and cut metal hulls and dig for ores. This also creature controls a very large Hunting ground known to most experienced Captains.

Composed of many ship carcasses, it’s nest is a food reserve as well as it’s home. Amongst of dozens of wrecks, lays famous ships like the Elderson, the biggest dreadnought ever built.





This creature is extremely special, it is one of the few beings on the planet that actually creates and radiates energy. Making it a natural beacon and energy source for Trochillis which they will savagely defend.


The Lehtophoenix is an apex predator, dangerous, but considered necessary by many scholars, keeping the other large predator population (and ships to that matter) in check, like Gliderodons. Tales of old, speak of dark times where the mighty beast was not present, and the Monsters from the depths ran supreme.


This creature is known to conjure up thunderstorms and strike it’s prey with a thousand blots. If needed, the beast can also use it’s mighty beak and claws inflicting awful wounds and puncturing hulls. It’s roar echoes across the seas and are said to create sandstorms.

The core of this beast is incredible. The fact being that the beast it’s self with pull it’s own core out of it’s body in a last ditch effort to survive. Indeed, as long as the beast's core goes unharmed, the Lehtophoenix will be reborn someday. Until then, the massive jaws of the beast will protected it.


The core is said to holster eternal energy and harness the essence of lightning.

Ships will get unrivalled shield power, and the energy the ship can use will be unparalleled. The ship’s lightning cannons will fire multiple times before even need to be reloaded. Not the mention the endless thunderstorm around your ship.

Souled on your armour, you will be able to fly, near by Trochilli with tread you as their own. Your magical energy will be eternal.