A world of magic

The Caress or Magical Energy is the vital energy of every living thing on Dysnomia. Just as a human being hungers for food, Dysnomian life hungers for The Caress. And lack of it is just like starvation. An individual's energy is stored it the Core of the being.


Life forms on Dysnomia can channel this power in order to cast spells and accomplish outstanding feats like jump from ship to ship at great range or cast powerful offensive spells. Pistols and Cutlass are perfect catalysers for Caress and act similar to a wizard’s wand.

Animals like Gliders use it the board ships catching a unaware sailor for a snack or Thorn plants summon tentacles to snare their food.

This however, will cost the caster their precious Caress and the simplest way to recharge it is to consume an other living being’s Core. There are other ways, like Spires but consumption is the most efficient.


Spells are cast in different ways.

  • The First way is to know the words, runes and movements of the spell you want to cast. Then perform them in the right way to channel your Caress. This is the most basic and ineffective way of casting, however necessary for the Second way of casting.

  • The second way of casting is by Linked Spells. Spells cast so often by the user that it has blended with the user’s very Core. The cast is instantaneous and sometimes the magic words don’t even need to be spoken. The number of linked spells an individual can learn is directly linked to it’s race.

  • The Last way is with Soul Spells. You can cast spells will your weapon and armour if souled with a creature core. A creature core will with a special spell. Your equipment will be able to cast the said spell, using your energy as a fuel. With time and practice Soul spells can become Linked Spells.

Spell Natures

Spells can be classified into four different natures depending on the type of Caress used. The four Natures being: Lightning, Solar, Sand and Vitality.

  • Lightning spells are usually offensive, and most energy based weaponry uses Lightning magic. It is the most widespread.

  • Solar magic uses energy from sun spires, capable of melting rock and iron alike. Blacksmiths and Helimani Guards are great practitioners of this Nature.

  • Sand spells specialise on using the great Sand Seas to one’s advantage. With all manner of movement and control spells.

  • Vitality magic invigorates and Heals. This Nature specialises on buffing one’s body, movement, will and charisma.