The ambushed sailors cry, horrified as they see their crew mate’s bones crack and break, their friend’s limbs tear, gruesomely decorating the deck in a morbid dance of death.

Slavix Mauler users boarding a cargo ship

Maulers are claw like weapons attached to the wearers arms. When unpowered they resemble a sort of armour plating with sharp edges. Light weight, this weapon permits brutal and swift combos.
Due to the way the weapon is attached to the users arms, using items such as flasks, grenades or even a pistol is impossible.


Un-Souled Mauled "Plate"

Razor's edge

Able to grab and disarm, quite literally, opponents. The user is still extremely vulnerable. Brutality and the element of surprise is paramount in order to survive. With fast brutal combos the user or the target will surly be left exposed. A sharp mind, and timing is the key to expert use of Maulers.


With a small, quick movement and the cost of some Caress the user can activate the Souled Mauler. This extends physical blades called « Jaw-blades ». Made out of the same material as the plate, the « Jaw » like blades add numerous advantages to the user for instance : snatching limbs, climbing ropes or surfaces and generally increasing lethality of the weapon.

Forge and Souling

Maulers can be forged out of many different materials and is commonly made out of metals like iron. This will directly influence on the weight and solidity of the plating and even the Jaw-blades sharpness. Maulers come in pairs, but each plate must be souled separately in order to activate de Jaw-blades. The Core, Souled into one of the weapons affects abilities and appearance. This will define the weapons combat abilities for instance beam like projectiles or near teleportation speeds, charged dashes etc. The fact that each weapon needs it’s own core, can lead to some improbable combinations of effects, combat styles and looks.


Souled Maulers with "Jaw-Blades"​


This weapon is very niche. The user most love close quarter engagements, trilling combat, living on the egde. In addition, two cores are needed to correctly use the weapon can can be hard to come by. Thus, a Cutlass is generally safer and the weapon of choice by most sailors.

Lastly Blacksmiths may not know how to correctly forge a Mauler due to it’s rarely. This only increasing it’s scarcity.

Tribal use

Slavix Blacksmiths on the overhand are trained to forge the perfect Mauler. The techniques passed down and improved throughout generations. It is a popular weapon within the Slavix ranks, reminiscent of Gliders, the use of the weapon strikes fear into their foes, forever glorifying there terrifying name.