Sands of Dysnomia

Endless, brutal... Lawless

"The Planet was not always like this... It started when they came... It grew worse when they vanished"

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There was a huge army controlling this planet once. The fierce Kai Ruled over the Jomadur population deemed inferior. The Jomadur had nearly no rights and the Kai ruled over them with an iron fist. Jomadures (the human-being like) and most Tribes where a restrained race mainly due to their inability to produce life-energy by themselves. Their knowledge in Caress the magic ways of the planet, was therefor limited. The Kai on the other hand produced this energy with ease, master of magic and war. On arrival they quickly deemed all other life forms on the planet as inferior and a waste of resources. Under-developed and overpowered the populations quickly gave total control to the Kai. 


Centuries past, the Kai enslaved and exploited the planet's resources, harvesting crystal energy, grinding the stones and smelting iron. Over the years the overlords grew lazy and arrogant, after all they where almighty, too powerful to notice the small rebellion bubbling in the center of their empire. Suddenly the Jomadures overthrew their old rulers, in a violent upraising, thousands lost their lives. And, with the ashes of an old empire a new age was born. The few remaining Kai where drove into hiding.

This was some time ago now, and while the Kai were strict, they kept a tight rein on the Caress and the great Beasts of this world….


Now the Seas are Free, Beautiful, brutal... Lawless.

With the remains of the Kai fleet, Captains quickly adapted to hunt the monsters for energy, sell what they can for ship parts and loot others as pirates for anything of use. Some made alliances, others built forts.

With the new found freedom came starvation, a great depression,  but not the starvation that we know, in this case it is a lack of magical energy. You see, every living thing dwelling in the sea requires this energy. It is their life force. Their food and water. With the downfall of the mighty Kai Empire and the now un-suppressed magical Heritage of the Jomadur, Nadyr, Sah'Ra Tribes energy became scarce.


The simplest way to refill one’s energy is to consume an other being's life force concentrated in it’s Core within their body. It's the harsh circle of life on Dysnomia. This is not the only way but it is the most efficient and the reason why their are so many predators in the sands. 


As time went by, the Jomadur Race truly learned about the hostile and unrefined beauty of the seas they now think they own. However, great beasts rule the world now and are a constant threat. Mysterious Tribes hide in the sandstorms and a dark magic is slowly consuming all.

Legendary monsters to slay, relics of an empire to be found, incredible magic to be studied and a world to discover. Great wealth and power is the gift to the men and women brave enough to explore the uncharted Sands of Dysnomia

cores and souling

Life forms on Dysnomia only need magical energy to stay alive, this live-giving substance is concentrated in a Core, a small stone like construct found within the individual and acts like a beating heart.

If you are lucky, Cores can be collected of dead bodies. They can be consumed by an other life form, or used as a power source for equipment and ships. 

Inserting a core into a piece of equipement is called Souling, with this process equipement can gain the abilities of the lifeform the core belonged to:

"If you are lucky, slaying your assailants will grant you an unimpaired creature core, the concentrated life force of the beast. This will be useful as you can power your equipment by Souling the weapons, armors and ships in your possession. Artisans and hunters can peform this act for you in their forges and workshops. The newly Souled equipment will gain some of the specifics of the said creature. For example, giving you access to the same magic the monster just used on you. Like enchanting your boots the jumper higher. (As long as the gear you Souled is on your person). 

Core Souling is not yet perfected, we can not extract the maximum potential out of every core and the power of the bonuses are proportional to the power of the Monster the core once belonged to.

Because of this a Destroyer ship Souled with a mighty Sand Dragon’s core will out perform a Battleship cored with a mere Barnacle core. In hull resistance, energy generation, ship abilities, etc..."

Extract from the book "Beasties from below"


« Dysnomia reclaims what is rightfully hers »

A Sailor.


Without a core infusing the body with magic, a corps will« sandify » after 1 to 5 minutes. This is a natural process on Dysnomia where a body will transform suddenly into sand. It happens to almost every living being. (Except the Lehtopheonix)

This makes it impossible to make clothing or equipment out of animal hide and shell unless the hunter/ Blacksmith knows a specific enchantment to use on the creature’s corps.

To do this, the user must learn the enchantment. Sages and Mentors help as this sort of magic is usually a family tradition, or a trade secret.


Words, flasks, runes and energy conducting crystals are commonly used as part of the rites.

In addition to learning the correct spell, having hunted a specimen at least once is usually required.

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