The Nadyr

The Nadyr  are humanoid ferret looking beings. They are around 50/60 cm tall however they are strong for their size. They sleep 2 hours per cycle, with a life span of 5 years (however shamans do live longer, reaching 7 years), their small life expectancy is balanced by their very fast reproduction of about 4 months. Nadyr Mature extremely fast: in 5 weeks the new born is fully grown and will stay in prime state until it’s death. All Nadyr know when their cores and bodies will fail them. Like an internal body clock. For this reason, elders of the tribe will be the 1st to risk their lives in any given situation.

They are sentient beings with no belief in other “forces” nor “gods”, just themselves and their magic and music. They are extremely tribal as every individual has a role to play in their colony.

Colony life

The Nadyr are Community driven and very disciplined as their very survival depends on it. Alone they are weak and weakness in not a positive trait here in Dysnomia. Their Tribe is divided into 6 Colonies. The colonies act independently with their very own masters but will act united if need be. Inter-colony interaction are very neutral. Howerver they are all important in the larger scheme of things. They live in caves, dinging galleries as their roads to a Chamber and in the center of the chamber, a pillar. Each colony evolves around their very separate pillar.


They live in the north west part of the planet and you will ever find them there. Their land is their birthright and will never leave it. Their land is extremely rich in crystals and rares metals this attracts a lot of intruders tying their luck for riches beyond imagination. More notably their home is build on an extremely rich ore of a very useful, solid and extremely desired. Proud, this leads to the Nadyr defending the land fiercely and without remorse, until death for their tribe. Due to the crystal and ore rich home, this species has gain a respectable knowledge and ability to use magic. More precisely vitality magic. More on that later.

roles and masters

Colony survives because every body knows their role, the roles are: Warrior, Musician, Scout, Hunter, Miner, Artisan, Runner and Shaman with a minor role of board

  • Warriors are the tribes defense, fearless and fast ambushing intruders thanks the galleries

  • Musicians play the drums, they are crucial for war and entertainment

  • Scouts are the look out crew and the colony’s 1st line of defense

  • Hunters track and scavenge cores and eggs to supply the colony

  • Miners dig the galleries and mine the ores

  • Artisans forge the different equipment the colony may need

  • Runners upkeep the pillars energy by transporting it from a near by Spire

  • Shaman will heal and buff their fellow tribesmen and revive the fallen

  • Boards do all the numbers and the inventory to keep the colony running perfectly

Role is given to them by a “board master” that counts deaths and accordingly the roles and births needed. The colony try to keep a status quo is their population numbers. If the young Nadyr can not play their part correctly then other possibility will be offered. The Board Master job also to check the supplies of all kind it his colony.
Their is a master of every role, their job is to teach their art to the overs, new and old. This master can and will be out classed by a student. To become this master the student must beat the currant master, the test can be implemented by the master or the student alike as long as the tested has finish all their training. The test can be composed of multiple trails or a battle, or any way the master see fit. The goals is not to stay master as for the tribe to survive it needs the best teachers and champions and the new master must be better than the last to raise the wold tribe to a new level. This is the Nadyr Mind set.


A Nadyr Scout

Honor and warriors

Nadyr love to dance to the beat of their musician's drums. And the warriors take this dance to a whole new level. Fighting styles, formations, retreat orders all depend on the war-drums beat echoing through the cave system. Each beat has reason, each sound has meaning.
Warriors must lean the beats and the appropriate fighting styles. Weapon usage is linked to their rank, there are 4 ranks in the Nadyr army: Daggers are a newbie warrior’s first weapons. After that, as an Adept, they will learn how to use a spear. The most skillful and honorable learn the art of an axe or a sword and are called Chieftains. A warlord (The warrior master) teach the others and take all war responsibilities. They usually wear the colony's legendary armor and wield a legendary weapon.

Warrior's equipement

Armour differ a little between colonies but the core aspect of the armour is that metal plates are placed so that mobility is never hindered. Octagonal in shape with all the corners leading up to a central tip, blades slide off easier and are made of the hardest metal they can find.

Legendary armor is a masterpiece of Nadyr artisans, beautiful and use full, may be even magical, this armor my be made out of some thing special like dragon bone or leecher carapace. Like medals legendary Nadyr equipment will only go to the ones that deserve them. If a wearer of said equipment is do die on the battle field, the equipment must, at all cost to the colony, be retrieved as it is their honor and their pride.

The shaman

They are the healers, masters in Nadyrian Vitality magic thanks to this, they live on average 2 years longer. In times of war, Shamans can bring back to life the fallen Nadyr warriors for the defense of the land must continue. Statistically they bring back about 70% of the dead. Board masters will keep core reserves high enough to make sure shamans can keep up the pace energetically speaking.

birth problems

The Nadyr birth rates are high however malformations in the young occur. This problem is called ??? and it’s effect sever. The young are born with an atrophication of one of their limbs. This drastically limits the roles the young Nadyr may play in it’s colony. Leaving only Shaman, Board, some artisan roles and board left, The handicapped are not push away from society as they want and will do their job.

heart pillars

At the center of the colony, there will always be a Heart Pillar, a huge crystal feeding all the Nadyr in an area. It is their biggest advantage because aside of shaman, Nadyr do not need to consume cores. Gain seemingly infinite energy and keep them in their prime until death. However it is a double edge sword as with out this pillar the colony will surely stave and wither away.

The heart pillars act as a catalyst by absorbing power then diffusing it and multiplying the power value in a wide range. The Nadyr must up keep up the power-supply thanks to their runners who supply the pillars energy from a spire close to the center of the tribe. They make the voyage every day, then channel the collected energy to the pillar thanks to conduct crystals.
A conduct crystal is carried by 2 runners. The journey is perilous and may take days depending on the colonies location. A convoy consists of 2 conduct crystals so 4 runners and 3 warriors.

In times of war, more energy is needed because of battle dances and shaman spells this calls for an increased supply frequency… War is hard for everyone in the Nadyr Tribe