a way of life

Dysnomia is a harsh land and will need to defend yourself and your ship from invading forces like intruders and wildlife. Or you may want to explore a cove, an island or a cave for a hidden relic or riches. These kind of tasks require certain equipment like armour to soak hits for you, and weapons to defend yourself. Here we shall talk about the latter. Most close quarter weapons are usable to certain without being powered, witch is useful. However powering a weapon with a core unlocks a great potential. The act of placing a core in any thing is called “Souling” and then the weapon in question is called “souled”.

Souled weapons gain extra effects from the particular core used.

(see the Wild-life section for more on specific core effects)

On the other hand all Ranged weaponry needs to be souled in order to function. Ship cannons are an exception as they can fire using the ships energy, however once cored, they gain additional effects and become energetically independent.

Due to the fact some souled weapons consume energy on use and due the all the different effects a core may add to a weapon, carefully Souling your equipment is an art and depends entirely on the user.

List of weapons


  • Chain blades: Small daggers with chains attached to them.

  • Spear

  • Claymor

  • Cutlass: the basic pirate weapon

  • Cross Staff

  • Scarablade

  • Maulers