Pharaonix are Core consuming, Flying Insect like creature. Being clever but instinct based creatures, they are known to hunt fiercely. This leads to a heavy impact on the surrounding Ecosystem and usually become the Apex Predator of an area quickly.

They have a life span of about 120 years and they are on average 3 to 4 meters long with a bright yellow, light exoskeleton preventing small damage. This beast is very mobile and very fast, reaching speeds of 120km/h in open air with a thunderous noise, striking fear into the cores of many a sailor. With Ten eyes, it’s eyesight excellent, viewing and processing events slower than Jomadur eyes. This make the Pharaonix’ reflexes unmatched In Dysnomia. Due to the fragile nature of the monster, damaging a wing will severely handicap the creature, Be warned, even if the beast is no longer airborne, it will defend it’s self vigorously and relentlessly. If a Pharaonix takes heavy damage to a wing due to battle or other, it will tear all of its wings off by instinct, starting a new life out at sea.

Habitat and Food:

Found on Islands, in caves, in the Sand Sea but mostly near and Spires and/or a reliable food source until depletion. Pharaonix actually love Sand and use it for ambushes or just for relaxation. As wrote above, they are core consuming (Core-vore) creatures, any core will do. However Pharaonix are the number one Glider predator and Jomadur Core is also a delicacy. Indeed this creature has an infamous habit of swooping over boats at high speed and sending an unsuspecting sailor to a grisly doom. It hunts all targets like this. It’s swift, deadly, leaving an unprepared prey and crew perplexed and stunned. Adult Pharaonix tend to avoid one an other as fighting over food and territory may servery injure an individual.

Mating and Young:



They are solitary creatures and will only get together for mating purposes. The parents will only return to the nesting ground once per mating cycle (once per year). Pharaonix remember very well the location of it’s last site and will return to it, usually mating with the same partner. They do not protect the nest nor raise their young. The Females lay about 10 eggs in a nesting ground witch may be a cave or an oasis... The eggs are hidden out of sight. Out of the ten, only one or two may actually become adult. The first new born Pharaonix usually search and eat the other eggs for energy. New born have the same physiognomy as adults but they are smaller (50 cm) and must live out the first two months of their live with out flight. This leaves them vulnerable to Dysnomia’s savage world. The young are matured after 10 years and never stop growing, shading their skin at every growth.
(=> 1st time mates or beasts that have lost their nesting ground / Partner will need to find a new one. Then together, they will find a suitable location)

Hunting and Fighting :

This opportunistic feeder, hunts swiftly by swooping down at prey from the sky. With its high mobility and reflexes it can hunt in caves and rocky areas with ease. Preferring a “one hit kill” hunting style. Longer fights mean risk of injury and it will pretend to flee, hopefully hitting the target with an additional strike. This monster is not afraid to flee if necessary as it’s survival is priority.

If the creature is extremely hungry or if it’s back is against the wall, this monster will fight savagely and relentlessly with it’s 2 sets of pincers. The signature ability of the Pharaonix is draining the energy in the vicinity. This Super Charges all of the creatures pincers and it gains the power to slice through nearly anything. The energy drain can (and will) drain from any source possible in the vicinity: Spires, Living Beings, Energy in the atmosphere… The beast can hold this state for as long as it wants / can (depending on the amount of energy drained) however it has never been seen using it over a minute. On the other hand, this creature can go in and out of the supercharged state repetitively with only a few seconds down time between the bursts. This battle technique was developed to drain a lot of energy from the atmosphere and living creatures so that it take down high energy opponents, draining them to death.


Un-energized madibles

Their cores usually give a bonuses to speed and maneuvrability with some unique energy spells. At the cost of hp and maxium energy.