A Cutlass and a Pistol are form the perfect kit for any sailor on Dysnomia. A pistol is ranged weapon with generally bad precision that fires small metal balls. Made commonly from wood and iron with a crystal firing system.

A Souled Pistol just like a Cutlass, is a great catalyser permitting the user to cast the spells they need.

Spell slinging

When a pistol is souled, the user can channel energy through the chamber to cast spells like lightning blots just like a ship’s Lightning Canons or solar projectiles. Offensive spells are not the only type of spell a pistol can help you cast. Fares and Scouting spells are also pistol based spells.


The spells the user casts with a pistol are just like any spell, keywords, runes and movements may be needed until the spell becomes a Linked Spell.