Plankton are living cores that slowly charge up on magical energy around Spires or magical rich areas of the sea. Once they have consumed enough, they shall divide themselves, such is the plankton’s circle of life. Due to their high multiplication speed, they may create huge colonies and support most live on Dysnomia being the at the bottom of the food chain.

With a maximum size of 0,4 cm, they are small but can be seen by the naked eye and are consumable even by Jomadures. This can make them useful for survival, granting minor energy gains. However the cores sometimes cause nausea and disgust as Plankton are not fit for most « evolved » life forms.


They come in different shapes and are classed into 2 different species depending mostly on the type of energy the plankton consume : Lightning and Solar, similar in nature and can be found at their respectful spires.

Plankton, mostly due to their size and energy output are considered unusable in a Souling process.