The rifle is a highly customisable weapon witch commonly shoots projectiles at high velocity.

Ammunition is made from different types of materials (ores, gems, monster parts) and will permit a large diversity of effects on the target. This is the main reason not to soul your rifle.

However, when Souled by placing a core in the cross, the weapon will shoot lightning beams, projectiles similar to the Lightning cannons on ships or pistols. This weapon has a zeroenergy usage due to the physical nature of its projectiles however Souling the adding components will escalate the energy needs quickly.


Rifles in Dysnomia are customisable with components like: barrels, energy shields, blades… Other then the disk, witch is part of the base rifle, you will need a forge, the ingredients and a capable blacksmith to upgrade your rifle. Here are some of the components:

Energy shield:

The disk attached to the weapon can block small projectiles and non energetic weaponry. You can soul the disk as well, you can do this by placing a core in the back of the disk. When souled the disk can create a personal energy shield. That lasts until destruction or deactivation.

Power barrel:

An elongated barrel with 3 small crystals at the end, usually lehtoxis or lapunite. This component will increase the damage this weapon will deal per shot in 2 different ways depending if the rifle itself is souled or not.

Incompatible with a Saver Barrel.

Saver Barrel:

A normal size barrel with energy saving capabilities. Reduces nuzzle flash and the brightness of the beam. Created by a raider gang member, Buck the swift, so he could fire two or tree shots before the guards of a cargo ship even noticed what was going on.

Incompatible with a Power Barrel.


An energy glaive attached to the weapon’s barrel for close quarter combat.

Other Modifications:
Multiple Barrels:

Modifying of weapon with multiple barrels is an option witch increase your burst damage by using them all at once or increase focus fire by using one or several at a time.

All barrels share the same typing (beam or pellet) and if the rifle is souled, then you will need an extra core per barrel. The cores, however, are coupled with a barrel, meaning each barrel has it’s core with unique effects.

Each additional barrel removes some accuracy and maximum range of your rifle, it increases energy use per shot and it also adds weight.


Harpoon versions of the weapon exist. Mostly used for hunting and ship boarding. The harpoons will be of different shapes and materials depending on corresponding use and will affect directly the weapons stats like increased armour piercing, damage, velocity…