rumi sunqu


Being 2.4 meters to 3 meters tall and 1.4 meters wide, the towering beings residents of the Hollow are Divided into tribes where the two major tribes are locked in a civil war. Also known as Decadence giants, they  are excellent physical fighters that convert energy loss into pure physical power. Devoted by their very nature, usually single minded, they have extremely strict moral code within their clans. They are strong enough to use ship canons as there personnel weapons, however very few of them know about Dysnomia’s surface, it’s sand sea and it’s abundance of magical power.

Made with stone, the birth of a colossus:

Created by the now gone Nek’Amaru, after their exodus to the hollow, there were modelled after the simplest sentient beings they knew of due to the lack of resources and magical power available. Because of this they have nearly nothing in common with the golems one can find on the surface of Dysnomia except for being golems constructs. These Giants were built to protect the elder race from the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

For the Rumi Sunqu, this sacred act of birth is called the Rite of Yuriy

Golem cores:

Golem cores have two specialities:

  1. The core ingredients and measures change drastically the golem’s role, duties and abilities

  2. The core IS the golem, their identity. Meaning the golem can “theoretically” change body and retain it’s memories and remember it’s duties. This also means Souling an item with a Golem core will render it sentient with the golem in question.


A Decadence giant core is a crystallised hybrid nectar of Decadence and Lehtoxis. Two nectars found in the Hollow.

The divide

After millennials of protection and being rebuilt, there civilisation developed and most learnt the secrets of there creation and, at the same time, became aware of the “horror” the Nek’Amaru have become. All aware of the power and freedom they now have, different ideals created friction and civil war broke out within the Golem population. Two major cultures arose and have flourished to this very day: the Sach’runa tribe and the Yanapaqi Amaru tribe.

The Sach’runa:

The Sach’runa tribe broke away from all that was “Ancient race”.

Brought together by Chuxru. Chuxru was a personnel security golem, an enhanced version of the Giants. During his service he grew hatred towards the Nek'Amaru as they sobbed and held on to any thing of their past. He witness their decent into madness followed by their transformation. He saw them prey on their own and Golems like, fuelling his hate sevenfold. Due to this and their absence, he began to believe that Giant kind is now unshackled and only power was paramount to golem survival. His propaganda caught on, he upgraded his closest followers. Taught them to use the golems true power thanks to different cores. Chuxru was dismembered during the division wars, and his core, crushed. But his legacy lives on within this tribe. Over time Chuxru was elevated to a sort of golem deity representing Rumi Sunqu independence and power.

This tribe is extremely hostile and will engage explorers in combat on sight. Over the years Sach’runa gained a hight and size advantage over the other clans. (approximately 50 cm taller)

The Yanapaqi Amaru:

A Sach'Runa golem


The Yanapaqi Amaru still worshipped their creators and remembered why there where created.

They believe the Sach’runa tribe have false values and are undeserving of there creation. They rebuild and live in the ruins of their Nek’Amaru settlements. Devoting them selves to the recreation of their former lords. Understanding their frailty in the face of the dangers in the hollow, they studied technology their forerunners left behind them. Becoming good artisans, they also learnt to track and use traps. Imitating the classical Rite of Yuriy, the Yanapaqi Amaru sometimes created lesser golems taking the form of jaguars. They then took the hunt to strongest wildlife in the hollows to defend their home town and Colossus kind. They take much pride in their hunt and collect “trophies”, ornamenting themselves and their home with their greatest kills.

Unless a direct treat, explorers are usually safe with the Yanapaqi Amaru clan.



The Sach’runa are constantly hostile to the Yanapaqi Amaru for reasons said above and also due to their need to sacrifice pleasing Chuxru. This leads to the hunters having to defend themselves and the minor clans.

A Yanapaqi Amaru Golem

Giants and sacrifice:

Both cultures resort to sacrificial acts for different reasons:


Golems of this clan sacrifice high status prisoners of war (The lower status captives will be used for labour), or in some cases a powerful creature, in order to please Chuxru in favour of power and might over all opponents. They will do this through ritualistic Core removal.

The ritual:

They start by removing all clothes and paining the victim green, then he/she will by punctured through the ears and hands by a pike made with “Daemon Ray” tail fins.

Upon a pyramid, the victim, called the Q’umir, will be placed on a stone alter witch pushes the victim’s chest upwards.

With a sacrificial DarkStone axe, the Q’umir’s sternum and rib cage is hacked and pulled apart. Violent, however the shaman is taut to not kill the sacrifice, increasing the “purity” of the core’s energy. Then the shaman will remove the core with his bear hands. With the core finally in hand the priest will stand proudly holding the core up high, as his assistants dance ceremoniously around him. Then the priest shall crush the core with his hand(s) or it will be placed on a pedestal and crushed with a DarkStone hammer. Destroying a core this way usually liberates a lot of energy resulting in a brief explosion. This explosion means Chuxru has feasted upon the core and the resulting core dust and essence is smeared on the statue/idol of Chuxru

The body is discarded down the pyramids steps and explodes into a cloud of sand (or rock) drenching and pleasing the bystanders.


darkstone axe

Yanapaqi Amaru:

Their prisoners and volunteers are sacrificed not to feed a god but to honour. To Honor the life giving but now corrupted, elder race. They do this through a ceremony trading a life for a life.

The ritual:

Prisoners are kept for 4 weeks before sacrifice, during this time they are to be a host to a “corrupted elder”. Gestating in the hosts body until maturation. Over time the host will become more and more drained of energy resulting in hunger and laziness.

The sacrifices are exceptionally well treated. They have their own quarters. Volunteers have a beautiful place and are treated like kings. They also have the privilege of freedom in the city.

After the 4 weeks the sacrifice is dressed in relics of the past. (a sword, necklace, cape…) and will but put to their knees in the city square in front of the gates. There, the victim shall be swiftly decapitated. “As the body falls to the floor with a great thud, the serpent crawls rapidly out and runs out of the gate at alarming speeds”

The heads will be shown to bypassers before sandification.

The victim’s core may be grinded if somewhat still usable, if the victim was a volunteer, his core will always be grinded and will be mixed into an urn with all the other cores of the volunteers. Some of the mixture is used in all new golems created by the clan.


DarkStone Maquahuitl