Usually regarded as an “inferior race”, Sirens are anthropomorphic beings with tentacles for hair.

Considered objects of beauty, they all have delicate slender bodies and features, making their gender hard to figure out at 1st glance. They are also charismatic and very loyal, refusing to leave anyone they know behind or even leave an unhealthy relationship.
The tentacles reflect the health of a Sah’Ra the thicker they are, the more energy the person as stored and can potentially use. The Shape Shifters energy is used at a much faster rate due to increased metabolism speed.

Sirens sing with an incredible voice. The incredible sounds of their songs mesmerize the people that hear it.

With natural affinity for energy, they make for great spell casters or fascinating brawlers thanks to their shape shifting abilities.

Sirens are natural born shape shifters and can go from their humanoid form to a snake-like creature as long as they have met 2 conditions.

  1. They have unlocked this transformation potential: it is only unlocked by the siren when he or she visits a certain location, secret to many.

  2. Their must be sand in very close proximity.

The unlocking of this power has a hefty price. Painfully brutal as the siren screams in agony so loud and for such a long time, that the persons vocal cords become nearly unusable for their life time.

Two sides of beauty:

Their potential transformation leaves them with two clear lifestyles when it comes to battle, society and earning money:

The path to excellency:

Untransformed Sah’Ra have their incredible voice and extremely good energy using capabilities. They can be very eloquent and learn fast.

However there bodies are weak and inapt for physical work or punishment. They have bad reflexes as they are slow and graceful beings.

Rumours say the closer a siren is to death, the more entrancing and amazing there voice is. This is completely true.

  • Battle: can learn a lot spells, They are great energy benders. They will provide inspirational speeches.

  • Society: they can integrate well with intellectual people making good scholars. They will still be disregarded by the less open mined and brutes.

  • Money: Bards, Scholars, Trade Ship captains and of course Singer/ Barman (maid) for the Upper classes are obvious however their skill can be used on many a ship, and so mercenaries and crew members are viable options.

Examples of very day life:

Life as a siren may be even harder that a Jomadur’s. Most make a living through services. They are usually hired in particular bars where the wealthy spend their free time. Their incredible songs mesmerize the Clients and lose more often that not hours, if not days or months As they are soothed by the sound, unaware of time passing, their wallets emptied into drink and fine cores. They can be hired on ships for their spell knowledge and some are renamed for their ferocity and are infamous raiders. And sometimes on the docks… selling their graceful body and lustful acts to curious travellers.

The way of ‘Ra:

Once the transformation acquired, there is no going back. The siren can hardly talk let alone sing or cast complicated spells. All charisma is usually lost due to the grisly deep voice and sometimes erratic temperament the siren now has.

Natural energy affinity is however converted into their bodies and makes them very athletic, more so that a Jomadur but with same kind of reflexes. They are fast, but not particularly strong.


This completely changes with their ability to shape shift into a Serpent looking creature (like a gordon). Gaining the ability to sand swim their new home are the seas. Losing their eyes in Serpent form but gaining sand vision, they are near sighted out of sand and so make lack luster Rangers. Some gaining an extra set of arms, they are impatient and invigorated by bestiality and make savage hand to hand fighters who enjoy the rush of combat.

  • Battle: Melee fighters that can board swifty thanks to the sand swim ability. Minor spell use

  • Society: They either live with the clan in the wild or integrate poorly with other sirens and beings.

  • Money: If they live with the clan, they have little need for money as they will hunt are take what they need. Amongst others, they can be raiders and mercenaries or traders and hunters with relative ease. Of course there are all ways exceptions.

Living myths:

Not far from the secret location, where a siren may transform for the very first time. You can find the small archipelagos of T’nemele. Legends tell of ships disappearing and tails of Snake people… Over the years, the inhabitants of Dysnomia avoided more and more this place. Now the hole area is part of the uncharted seas.

In some sirens a calling, a desire to travel into the uncharted seas for unknown reasons is bestowed upon them… Only they know what they will really do...