sand Dragon

Sand Dragons are huge clever creatures that live in the sand sea. Covered in amour plating and Dragonite gems, this beast hunts in a large territory preying on Ships and Gliderodons a like. Due to it’s impressive size of around 130 meters, obstacles cause no problems to this best, smashing through rock formations and ports alike


Sand dragons are unaffected by Dragonite, and actually serve the beast with a supply of magical energy to feed upon. They do this by transferring the energy absorbed by the Dragonite to the Dragon. With the ability to summon Dragonite spires from the depths, this creature renders large areas void of life and prepares a feast for later on.


This type of Dragon loves to hoard treasure and does this by sinking wandering ships and collecting the loot in its mouth for easy transportation to it’s lair. The beast is smart enough to be bribed and will grant safe passage through their territory to sailors that offer a tribute, protecting their investment.

Those who find a sand dragon’s dangerous lair hidden within the mountains will be rewarded with great wealth

Slaying this creature is deemed near impossible. But on the off chance, Souling your ship with a sand dragon’s core will boost every aspect of the ship: Speed, hull resistance, ramming damage, shielding… and grant the ship spell: Sand Dive, permitting your ship to dive in the sand.
Souling your weapon will help in looting and damage. Your armour and ship will get the passive: Apex granting a great resistance to all small creatures.





Dragonite Spires

Dragon spires are constructs summoned by a Sand Dragon. Built out of Dragonite, sprouting from the sands, they drain all magical energy in proximity.
They are a real threat to the citizens of Dysnomia and must be dealt with on a regular basis.

They can also be harvested, this is a dangerous job but paid very well.