The Scarablade is a heavy, single handed, stabbing type weapon with hand protection attached to an arm. Heavy, the weapon can be dual wielded as long as the user can pay the magical toll and has the physical ability to pull it off.

This weapon takes takes 2 cores to power. One of the cores applies the stats of the core to the weapon. The other core applies the core effects the weapon. For example a spell or defensive buff. The cores deeply affect the weapon’s appearance, usually completely transforming the Scarablade original desgin.


A "Dormant" Scarablade


Souling the weapon correctly “Awakens” it. Once Awakened, the weapon evolves in multiple ways:

  • The hand protection evolves gaining an energy shield protecting the arm. Mainly used to protect the user.

  • The front blade slits into two and an energy harpoon like blade sling forwards

  • Awakened state has a continuous energy toll on the user

  • The weapon’s weight stays the same.

  • When not used, the weapon will return to it’s dormant state.

  • The weapon gets energy blade “wings”, used for offence and defence alike. And required for the “Sky dunk” skill


"Awakened" Scarablade​

Sky Dunk

The “Sky Dunk” Skill permits the user to jump into the sky and land weapon first. This generates a shock wave at impact.