Sand Snakes are hunt the smaller life-forms on the planet, like Plankton, Barnacles and infant Skippers. Adult Snakes reach a bout 1.3 meters long. Like Skippers the Sckwe’ks have unstable DNA and can mutate if exposed to powerful amounts of magical energy. Some reaching 3 meters and more due to this phenomena


These creatures love to dig and can be found commonly anywhere on Dysnomia, in underground and cave colonies stretching up to hundreds. Non-hostile by nature, their bioluminescence helps them create a sort of force field around them. Alone this field is not very effective. On the other hand, the Shielding merges between individuals. A couple of hundred of them will block Lightning cannons and Ships alike.


Due to their natural and powerful bioluminescence, they rarely move at night and further more alone, it attracts too many predators.

Sailors use them in two distant ways. Either to clean their ship of Barnacles and Plankton or as a light source by assembling four or five in a glass jar. Some sailors keep them as pets as they are passionate about their habitats and those who feed them.





There core can be used in multiple ways. Crushing them and consuming them liberates a fade amount of light in a large area. They can also be used the create flares used for scouting and signalization. Finally they can be Souled like most cores to Ships, Armour, Weapons and Cannons. Granting Lightning cannon damage, speed and shield bonus to ships while decreasing shield regeneration and hull resistance. A possible Ship Spell is Lightcaller, which summons tons of Sckwe’ks around a target ship.
Weapons seem lighter and longer, capable of dealing minor lightning damage
Souling armour can help with perception and mining abilities while sacrificing resistance for a minor personal shield.