sand ships and Canons

The ships

In this world sand ships are everything. Land is rare and fought over. You will live on a ship, fight for your ship and most likely die defending the very ship you called home. The sea of sands is littered with dangers: The wild-life is fierce and the other sentient beings my be just as heartless, however there is much to be discovered and to exploit as you quest for the riches Dysnomia hold for you.


Like most things, Ships need to be souled. This means powered by a core to be fully operational, and just like all others equipment powered by a core, the core itself will be the deference between two exact ships souled differently.

Most civilian and military ships are equipped with cannons or turrets for offensive presence, and equipped with shields as a defensive precaution. You are free to custom your ship to your needs and preferences with any mix of the ships different equipments.


Ships are made from the different minerals minded out of the stones and the depths of Dysnomia and also it’s wild-life. Buying, repairing and upgrading will become a way of life and it all costs gold and resources. Your Ship will also need a crew, alone you will not be going anywhere fast. With a crew, everything is easier and more effective (acceleration, damage output, harvesting and …). Of course you and your ship will be better defended when you get boarded if you have crewmembers.


Ships are divided into 4 classes, from smallest to largest : Destroyers, Cruisers, Battle Ships, and Dreadnoughts. Then you may find City-ships hulking their way through the dunes of different sizes.


the classes

Destroyers are the fastest ships on the sea. They excel at out manoeuvring the opponents wile hitting them with continuous cannon fire. To aide this strategy, the ship usually has a wide firing arc. Like all ships, it is equipped with a shield however it can only serve as a safety net if the captain can not out manoeuvrer the incoming damage.

The general low cost and core necessity makes it an accessible ship of any wanna-be Captain or sailor. For the very same reason the Destroyer Class is very popular and wide spread.


Out speeding a Destroyer in a straight line, the cruiser is a common ship class, with a good mix between mobility and offensive power. Swift, it is used by merchants and pirates alike. Equipped with a shield and possibly a light turret, it makes for a great supportive ship in fleets, sturdy, it is able to take a few hits. A perfect ship for the more experienced captain whom loath for the trill of front line battles and great explorations.


The Battle ships provide heavy fire power and defensive prowess sacrificing mobility and speed. The broad side is where most of the fire power comes from. Battleships gain increased rate of fire if they are immobile. And have a speed penalty if using their main cannons while moving. The main cannons are 3 towers granting 360° danger zone. This class is great for siege and hammering raid bosses. Also frequently used as mini bases as they are efficient in mining operations and as mobile forges. Usually needing Crystal Energy Diffusers to power this beast of a ship. The 1st as main source and granting the ship the core’s effects and the second as a pure energy source.


The hulking dreadnought ships are built for siege and raids but also as a home for hundreds of beings as a floating fortress. Boasting hundreds of cannons, multiple battle ship like batteries and more importantly Dreadnoughts host one huge turret mounted weapon. The turret weapon is customisable just like any other weapon slot on a ship. It is slow but has huge statistic modifiers and special variations. Most Captains prefer the longer ranged cannons but any thing is possible.

The ship has a slow acceleration and turn speed but can reach very respective speeds for its size, out speeding a battle ship on the long run. Producing massive amouts of momentum, dreadnoughts can put it to good use when equipped with blade weaponry.

It's high cost to build in materials and manpower makes it a hard ship for people to get their hands on. So they are mostly found as city ships or in the hands of Kai-Staz and Helimani Decorated Captains for example.

This class need multiple Crystal Energy Diffusers (minimum 3 to function)


A ships arsenal:

Captains many customise their ship in many ways depending on their gigs and live style. Raiding mining, merchandising there are tools of every job. Specialising it in ranged combat or ramming your ship into opponents, Add increased storerooms, energy conservators, healing bays even a forge, it’s up to the captain and the job!
Here is a list of ships weapons.


Relatively cheep and reliable, it’s standard weapon in Dysnomia. It is a long ranged lightning based weapon. Fire’s a beam of energy with no explosion on impact. Affected by gravity but makes of poor artillery.

Burst turret:

A short ranged energy or physical weapon. This weapon focuses on dealing large amounts of damage in a small amount of time by firing multiple projectiles at a very fast rate. The best users of this weapon infuse their own energy into it for increased amount of projectiles per bust (energy turret) or for increased cooling permitting the user a faster second attempt (physical turret)


The harpoon is a medium range weapon. Used to hunt prey and to haul them in for loot++ or to immobilise other ships. With a long rate of fire ships usually pack multiple harpoon cannons or turrets. The different types of materials using in the construction and ammunition affect this weapon a lot. Skilled users can predict the deviation of the harpoon on longer distances.


torpedoes of Dysnomia, great range and big damage. However they move in a straight line and you must be good at predictions. Not a good idea to use at close range. Again, materials used in the crafting of the ammunition dictates the effects.

Ship Blade:

a blade mounted in the front of the ship, used for ramming and dealing great damage as they are unblockable by ship shields. The may be energy based or not. The former being more expensive to buy and ship energy wise. Speed and weight of the ramming ship come into play when determinating damage. Energy based Blades will all ways slice deeper, for better or for worse. Extremely useful for bigger ships as they can use the blade to cut through rocks and take faster routes otherwise unsaileable.


A short range shield transferrer. A dangerous weapon, even for the crew using it as it uses a continuous beam, product of a Dragonite or a Decadence gem. This beam damages the target ship’s shield and heals your own. Will also deal hull damage at a lower rate. A skilled user can reduce the weapon’s energy use per second or increase it’s effective range or damage.


Very long ranged cannon. Uses solar energy to fire slow projectiles with a long arc witch explode on impact dealing terrible damage. When the projectiles hit sand, a glass crater is formed witch may be dangerous to ships and wild life alike.

Nectar Javelin:

An extremely strange weapon with multiple roles. The nectar javelin fires a continuous stream of nectar on a target. This weapon is rarely seen as nectar is not an abundant resource in most of Dysnomia and the ship must be equipped accordingly: containers on ship is the most important however for some nectars like Dragonite nectars the containers must also be insulated. This weapon, depending on the nectar used can be of supportive or offensive use. For example shooting Lethtoxis at an ally in order to boost shields or firing Greken for an explosive use on opponents. With modifications, this weapon can fire liquid metal.

Zenith Lance (ship):

Used only by The Radiance but some lucky raiders may have looted this powerful piece of machinery. The Zenith Lance fires a focused beam of solar energy at its target. Dealing heavy damage to all that it hits. Deals even more damage to hulls … and people.


A remarkable weapon built and used only by the Kai-Staz. It creates it’s own temporary energy to fire a long metal rod at the target. The weapon has a long wind up time. With medium range.

Rooms and other

Crystal Energy Diffuser:

To power a ship you will need an energy diffuser. The heart of the ship! It takes the energy of the core placed within it, enhances it and re diffuses it into the ship. Made through alchemy by blacksmiths and benders. Multiple types of crystals can be used for different types of enhancing effects.

Miner Turret:

Used to mine rocks and ores from the mountains and reefs of Dysnomia but can deal low damage to hulls as well. (no shield damage)

The Nautilus:

Mostly a crane attached to a heavy diving suit for undersea exploration and mining operations.

Ship Amplifier:

Requires a dedicated room and 2 cores, the 1st powers the machine, the 2nd ads small benefits to the ship

Insulated cargo break:

used Mostly for transporting energy charged goods.


Used mostly on Battleships and Dreadnoughts for creating and repairing equipment and goods.

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