Skippers get their name by the way they are always jumping out of the sand sea. About the same size of a salmon, they feed mostly of Plankton, and some times, barnacles. Females lay hundreds of eggs during mating seasons and not even half actually make it to maturity.


Generally inoffensive, Skippers can, charge at you or spit sand at you. Usually a futile blow, it is better at swimming away.


Like Sand Snakes, This beast is naturally sensitive to magical power, a surge of magical energy will mutate and transform drastically some Skippers into one several forms, the most often is the Angeler.

You can loot a core on this pathetic creature however don't expect anything revolutionary.

Souling your ship may help you in mining and energy use at the expense of cannon fire rate and damage. Your weapon will not get any positive effects upon Souling. And Souling your armour will give similar effect to your ships.