Slavix clan

Otherwise known as Valkyries, they are nomad army of Jomadur origins. Over centuries of “natural” selection, the clan has evolved becoming taller and stronger than the average Jomadur and have an affinity with Sand magic. Majorly female.


Mark of Slavix

Gender roles:

Gender in the clan determinates your role in their sociality. Women are trained from an early age, to do battle and become great leaders called Valkyries. Willingly, they throw themselves onto enemy ships. Mercilessly, they disable the crew and ship. They are extremely feared through out Dysnomia and have became a kind of a Myth. The males of the clan are in minority, with very little rights, they work the forges, mine the ores and repair the ships. There is no fleet without them and no equipment of war. Once the Valkyries have disabled a ship, they will move in, savaging what may be of importance for the clan.

Disobedience is punished severely. (by Thorn plant treatment) This is however completely normal in Slavix society and a right of passage for every individual (work in progress)

The Monarchy...

The head of the clan is a strong woman, like all of them, with the title of Grande Sixa. Currently their leader is The Grande Sixa Laice and is to said to be the reincarnation of a Fallen Gliderodon.

...And the Gliders:

Gliderodons are venerated by the Slavix clan as a divine beast, King of the sands, fierce and majestic. Sailors speak of the clan being able to summon the mighty Gliderodon to attack any target. To resemble the beast, the women of the Slavix clan grind their front teeth to sharp points this is also an intimidation technique to induce fear in all enemies.

The Horn of the Slavix:

The dreaded sound of this horn is one of the last things a sailor may hear before his ship is brutaly crush by great Jaws.

The deep sound of this instrument provokes wild Gliderodon in the area, suggesting them to home in onto a near by ship. The damaged ship will then be savagely boarded. All unnecessary cores and the crew will be offered to the Sand King as tribute. (by setting them to sea). However one sailor will always be spared.

This ancient connection between the beast and the clan dates back to the times of old. Legend tells that, as a token of their gratitude the Slavix overfed the gliders and over time, some of them grew huge.

Magical Abilities:

This clan is known to use sand magic but rare are the few that dive deeply into its power. Most are trained and prefer a more “all hands on deck” experience with their “prey”. That being said, they use to excellent efficiency the sand magic they exercise. Their 1st signature magical ability, Sand Shield, diverts physical damage whey would have taken onto their energy supply instead with a small reduction. Combined with their quality armour and you have a difficult foe to fall. Their 2nd signature ability, Sand Glide, is a very long distance jump. Use to board target ships while theirs is hidden in the sand storm, on landing sand is splashed all around them selves, increasing the efectiveness of their 1st ability and causing an extra layer of chaos in the minds of their victims.


Armour and weaponry is forged on their command ship by the men of the clan. Mostly made form creature parts and ship metal. They hold the secrets to Razor Ally, clan speciality, forging Sharp weapons and dangerous armours for their Valkyries.

Razor Alloy:

Alloying Glider bones and their opponents ship metal with the use of magic creates “Razor Alloy” known to slice opponent’s weapons in half, and get for ever sharper as long the weapon keeps killing. Sometimes reforged from a weapon to armour once sharp enough. This type armour plating dangerous for everyone. Capable of impaling opponents and damaging weapons striking the Razor Alloy armour.

Gliders are just respected by the clan, and they will never hunt them. Making Razor alloy a Slavix luxury. Glider parts are collected from near death beasts, of the corpes and ships of their victims.

Chunk of Razor Alloy


Slavix warriors mostly use souled spears. Giving them access to a ranged attack as souled spears re-materialize in the hands of the user. Equipped with a small knife for gritty situations and every day use. 

Maulers are a popular weapon within the Slavix ranks, reminiscent of Gliders, the use of the weapon strikes fear into their foes, forever glorifying there terrifying name.

Very few wield a claymore as it is an expensive weapon, however those who do are efficient and devastating.

Males will use the same hammer they forge with in combat situations. Due to the rare combat situations they wear very little armour.

Razor Alloy spear tip

Slavix fleet:

Slavix ships are somewhat slower than the standard ships and possess much less fire power. On the other hand, their ships are sturdier, have good weather resistances and usually have a better ramming ability (even if it is rarely used). Their are generally harder to see from afar thanks to their increased camouflage, especially during sand storms.


The elongated nature of the ships permits easy jumps for Valkyries. Increasing the number of jumpers at a time, for faster ship boarding. It is also good for savaging, resource hoarding and fret transport.


Destroyers make up 70% of the Fleet, the rest are cruisers with one or two Battle-Ships. Cruisers are built with ramming in mind and are equipped with sandpedoes. Commonly tasked with defence of the main Battle Ship which bears the Grande Sixa’s quarters and the mythical Horn of the Slavix. From the sides of a Slavix Battle Ship, the smaller ships can easily resupply and transfer resources or clan members thanks to the small fin like platforms


Slavix Destroyer class


Slavix Cruiser class


Slavix BattleShip class

Limits of the clan:

Combined all this information and you will understand why the Slavix are so feared. However their biggest weakness is the size of their fleet. The Slavix is a small clan, with a small fleet.

In combat, their fighting style is energy-vore: Dashing around the battle field, Soaring from Ship to ship, Active sand shields, throwing their spears and recalling them all consumes energy and over an extended period of time will be their downfall. With that said, due to their brutal efficiency, encounters with the Valkyries fleet have never lasted long.


Razor Alloy Shoulder Plate