Solar Trees

Solar trees can be found on the sand seas all over Dysnomia. They are capable of growing to great sizes. They passively consume solar energy in the vicinity. Enough of them in one place can create hazy dark zone with only their crystal as beacons.


Consuming sun light is not only self sustainable, they can also channel it as a defence mechanism. Just like a zenith lance, they can fire a dense beam of light capable of serious damage on ships and living creatures alike this this over long distances. Great care must be employed went trying to harvest wood or it’s crystal (which is also its core). On the other hand, this defence mechanism takes days of solar collecting to completely charge.

The wood and crystal are the primary reasons to harvest this plant, the wood is used in all types of manners : homes, ships, weapons, books, commodities Crystals are used it weapons, lighting...

Fiendixnoiledit SunTree-min.jpg

Their core can be used like Hemanite, with some quality differences, like cheep quality Zenith weapons or energy generators