Spire are colossal natural crystals towering over the sands. There are many types of spires across dysnomia drastically changing the sands we sail. The most frequent being Lehtoxis, Hemanite and Erebusian Spires, also know as « Crystal Spires », « Sun-Spires » and « Nycta-Spires » respectively.

Know your Spires

Learning the difference between the crystals can mean life or death as everyone of them applies its effects to a large area. The closer you are to a spire, the more powerful it’s effects can be felt.

So what does each spire do ?

Lehtoxis Spires:

The large majority of the spires you will stumble across are Crystal spires composed of Lehtoxis. Partially responsible of the sand tides and waves, this spire outlets so much energy that it will recharge a Ships shields, its storages and all the crews energy. They passively attract sand to it’s tip. Trochillis, attracted by the energy swam the formation.

Important notes :

Like most spires, due to it’s abundance in magical energy, Lehtoxis spires are densely inhabited by sailors and creatures alike. Beware of the ever territory struggle everything is playing around this kind of spire. You can expect heavy confrontation and incredible feats of magic here!


Composed of Hemanite, sun spires create an area of eternal day and scorching heats. If eternal desert is not bad enough for you this makes it worse. Add to Dysnomia regular solar flares and solar storms in the area, and you know is if no place for the living. Sun spires do not look completely natural in appearance, some say it’s a vestige of a passed era. The magical energy this spire outlets can be harness however it is not as freely accessible like a crystal spire.

Important notes:

The solar flares from a Sun spire will damage a ship and its crew even with a shield if the Captain has not prepared accordingly. Most rocks are sharp here due to the spire’s activity and can severely damage a ship. Being a baron land even for Dysnomia’s standards, a clever Captain can use solar spire areas as a resting spot, or as a risky way to escape pursuers.


Nycta-Spires create a zone, on the opposite of a Sun-spire’s light, of everlasting night. Similarities do not end there: we can tell that the spire is not enterally natural of making and it is as dangerous of a place to visit. Being pitch black, it is mostly uncharted sands hiding many dangers like rock formations and wild life unknown to many.

Legends say that it was once a sun-spire, or that it will transform into one at some point in time.

Important notes:

“You hear strange howls echoing from the darkness, you can barely see your own hands and your ship appears the fade into the shadows... Are you sure you know what you are doing?"