« The colours… They… They are all around me !… Can’t you see the eyes… ? It’s Looking right at meee… ! Please, just leave me alone !… »
Terrorgazer survivor.

This huge beast comes from the pitch black seas of the Nyctaspires. Dwelling under the surface, and capable of levitation, the Terrorgazer is a giant Head – jellyfish like being.

Its horrifying looks and wild colours it produces from its eye like organs has pushed many surviving sailors into madness and paranoia. Their blabbering cries have inspired many legends and installed the deepest of fears throughout Dysnomia.


Said to consume many energies that we don’t understand, like the night itself, fear and naturally, cores.
Its green to purple bioluminescence, produced from its eye like organs serve two purposes. The first is a common way of attracting prey in the dark, serving the same function as the Angeler’s « core » appendage. The second function is more complex and sinister. It serves in the creation of pure terror.

Once the prey is in sufficient range, the lights become hypnotic and after prolonged exposure provoke a deep sense of paranoia. Combined with the horrific physique of the beast, the prey usually enters a state of terror. The Terrorgazer is rumoured to feed of the mass paranoia on a ship for example, due to the fact the victims stay under this condition much longer than the beast actually needs to hunt. Floating in front of the Ship, it’s dragging, rippled tentacles will then grasp a sailor for consumption. Hours may pass between ingestion of said prey. The beast clearly relishes, taking it’s time as the crew one by one is «liberated» from torment.




Witnesses say its tentacle like appendages can shatter a ship’s hull. This makes it a formidable foe to those immune to its lights.
The Terrorgazer seems to use them to mimic a long neck when under threat, creating the illusion of size, that the beast’s body is hidden under the sand .


Its core was used to create « the mask of horrors » a fabled Jomadurian relic used by a ruthless captain during the Jomadur Uprising. Told to grant the user with a demonic appearance at the cost of a creeping paranoia.

Core effects :
Ships can benefit from Levitation, tentacle ship spells and energy regeneration in nyctaspire zones (night-feast). Equipment made from this core will induce fear in opponents, possible night-feasting abilities and night vision.