“Not all monsters look like one, however all are by nature starving”

Dysnomia’s tribes flourish across the planet from nomadic cults to mining communities, all live through Dysnomia. Here is a quick intro to some of the iconic tribes of SoD

  • A Human-like tribe, the Jomadurian race are the fine sailors and truly understand the seas. Their culture can be found nearly every where.

  • The Nadyr live in colonies under mountains and the seas. These small Ferret like creatures fight, mine and live for their colony.

  • The C'kham-lock clan is a mysterious clan who come from the uncharted seas. More of a way of live than a race. They have only been seen in pairs merging together into a powerful goliath.

  • The Slavix Clan are a nomad Human-like tribe who Ambush ruthlessly other vessels from sandstorms for resources and to feed their god.

  • The Rumi Sunqu are an extremely rare race of sentient golems. Strong and sturdy, they come from the hollow, the unwelcoming underbelly of Dysnomia

  • The Sah’Ra are a shape-shifting minority, struggling to find a place for themselves. Capable of entrancing magic or brutal combat tactics.