« Thousands of Trochilli swarmed around the Lehtopheonix as it prepared to rain down the fury of the skies on a Dreadnought, They feasted on the overwhelming energy as thunderbolt after thunderbolt crashed onto sea and ship. »

Lehtopheonix spotters part 2 

These agile bird like animals swam in flocks of hundreds. Feeding of magical energy in the vicinity, this leads them to frequently be spotted swarming around Crystal Spires and the Lehtopheonix. The more energy this creature as absorbed, the more energy blots arc of it’s body, and it’s feathers glow brighter. Depending on the energy the beast has consumed, the arcs are usually thunder or solar of nature.

Having no legs, this creature is extremely vulnerable during it’s short sleep cycles and relies greatly on the flock. This 1 meter long bird is usually non hostile but incidents of diving Trochilli have been reported during there mating periods.

Known to teleport itself small distances as a defence mechanism. Attracting many a hunter desiring a Trochilli teleporting core. Sadly it’s self teleportation spell is not very advanced and is usually unusable as a ship spell.

The core, can increase a ship’s hover ability. And permit a hovering ability to a Dysnomian. In addition the core will increase the speed of both the Ship or the user.