zenith lance


Zenith Lance

Also known as « The Crew Chopper » because of the brutal beam it fires, slicing flesh and iron alike. The Zenith Lance is a personal 2 handed anit-Ship weapon. It fires a beam of intense solar energy for approximately 2 seconds after a brief pre-firing charge time.


The Weapon channels the solar energy within the solar stones or cores forged into the weapon. The user must inject some caress to finish the firing process.


A Zenith Lance is a down sizing of a powerful ship weapon for individual use. Original used by the Helimani fleet, the canon is called a « Zenith Canon »


High grade Zenith Lances are somewhat reliable and made with Hemanite as power source. Looted from a sunken Helimani ship then modified by a competent Blacksmith for a high price, this sort of Lance is scarce.
Lower tiers are more common. They are forged from scratch using solar stones found on solar trees or with some sort of solar creature core. This type of Lance is not as powerful, resulting in increased channel times or failure to channel enough energy to fire. Some may just be unstable and risk explosive results.


The weapon is designed to deal maximum damage on unshielded targets. Perforating hulls, bending and melting metals, completely fatal to living beings. It inflicts descent shield damage but lacks shield penetration. The Lance trades mobility and possibilities over the overall stability of the canon version.


Due to the danger this weapon represents to everything. Some captains refuse it on board their ship fearing the possible damage to their crew and boat even if left unused.